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Captain Mark, 


Captain Beck,

I am a proud Mom of 3 beautiful young women. 

I currently have my SVOP and SDV-BS with hopes to upgrade. I am passionate about working with kids and ensuring everyone is happy and having the best possible time. I am excited for our 4th season at River Adventures, where we have so many new and exiting things lined up for this season including the use of our AccessAbility assists. I cant wait to share another season with you.

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1st Mate, Rowan Reed

"I am an eager person who loves being on the water and around boats. Seeing people happy around me brings me enjoyment. I have my PCOC and I use this knowledge to assist others. I am looking forward to spending another summer on the water with the River Adventures Crew"


Sophie G


Connor C

"I am a certified lifeguard with experience in Guarding as well as aqua fit instruction. I am passionate about fitness and sports and what motivates me is the opportunity that each day presents


Dylann M

"This is my second season with River Adventures. I have completed my Bronze cross and this summer I am working on my Lifeguard Certification. I am passionate about paddle boarding and kayaking.  In my spare time I enjoy  exploring different art forms.


Molly B

"Growing up I spent a lot of time boating in the Port Franks, Grand Bend area with my family. I am very excited about working at River Adventures which will allow me to spend my summer on Lake Huron, while using my lifeguarding, boating, and people skills at the same time. When I am not working, I hope to be spending time on the water locally or at our property up north. In the future I would love to get into teaching/education.


Olivia B

"When I am not playing sports, I am also happy to be helping others with sports. Regardless if it is hockey, softball or watersports I am happy to participate and instruct at various camps. I am a team player, so am excited to become a part of the River Adventures Team this season. I look forward to working with and meeting new people, both locals and tourists. I am also excited to put all i have learned from both my PCOC course and my Lifeguarding into action this summer.  In the future I would like to work with children in some capacity. 


Anika B

"I am an athletic outgoing person who enjoys keeping busy. I am a certified lifeguard, trained in first-aid and CPR. I recently obtained my PCOC. I have a passion for lifeguarding and I Love the beach. I play hockey and race mountain bikes in my free time. 


Emmet D

"I am a certified lifeguard with experience in lifeguarding and instructing at the YMCA. Some of the things i enjoy are basketball, video games, jet skiing. The thing that motivated me the most is results. I like to see my work generate a positive outcome.


Abbie W

"I am a lifeguard and I love spending time in the water. I am a track and field athlete and my favorite event is high jump. My Favorite animal is a Shark and my favorite food is sushi. Something cool about me is that I have travelled to all provinces in Canada.

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